Dear Friends & Family,

For a long while I have not updated this blog. The truth is, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue writing, I didn’t know if I was inspired enough or had anything important to tell. Because I realized, that everything comes and passes, nothing really stays, and I had to get used to this and quit writing stories and keeping them a certain way. But there is one factor that makes me want to return to writing my blog – my hope to be able to show how easy and important it is to follow your heart and trust in life.

For the last 1 year and 2 months I have been working for in Dublin, Ireland. There was relatively little to tell during the first half of the year, even though I went on holidays, nothing really contained a risk in what I did, and I believe only a journey with some risk is an adventure and worth telling. In the second half of the year, a lot of changes have been going on internally, but I have not told anyone about it – however I am sure these changes will influence my future blog posts and I will be able to transmit my insights about life.

Another reason why I stopped writing was, that I did not know how many people actually are interested in reading. Especially now, that I prefer to write in english, I lost some readers that were used to me writing in German. But, I need to follow what feels right to me. Maybe one day, my posts will be read and appreciated, and even if not, they had to flow out of me.

Like I indicated above, my time in Dublin is about to be over. It was a good and important phase of my life, because my restless, itchy feet were forced to stay put and face the challenges instead of running from them. A lot of maturity arose from that. And I will approach my journeys from a different perspective now. And that is where I took my energy from to go out again and throw myself into the lap of the universe. There is still a mystery to dwell in, the mystery of life. This is what I came for.

My path will lead me to Costa Rica in January. From there on, I have no plans. It feels good, to be in the planless plane again. No plans means arriving in the here and now. Not the here and now that changes and passes. The here and now that is the same here and now as a million years ago, and the same here and now that will be here in a million years.

Maybe you have seen it?




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