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Right now I am sitting at my old desk in Southern Germany, drinking cappuccino while I am in the midst of the final preparations for my new “experiment”: With the bicycle to Romania.

Please note: I don’t have any training (except for three short tours in the “area” with my father in the last few days) and no experience with bikes in general, have never been sitting on a bike for more than a couple of hours, let alone with so much baggage, and I have never traveled the great outdoors without motorized means of transportation for a time of three weeks. Conclusion: I have no idea what I am doing. Therefore, I call it an “experiment”. or… Fun!

I plan to post my progress in here as often as possible. I may not be able to post every day, but every second or third day I shall be able to report. (I hope I wont spam anyone’s e-mail inbox – if you aren’t interested in my fantastic bike trip, you may consider unsubscribing from notifications for the time being). The good thing is, that will finally overcome my writer’s block which has caught me since I moved to Ireland. I am very positive that the inspiration will again capture me while I’m on the open road, and this was one of the many reasons why I’m doing this trip. I see it also as a kind of pilgrimage. The fitness aspect cannot be denied, as well as the fact that I will finally be able to sleep under the trees and stars again. But what moves me most, is the idea of freedom. As always.

eleutheromania Mirjam

The word Eleutheromania comes from the Greek eleutheros ‘free, unbound’ and stands for the strong, irresistible desire for freedom. This word I found in the blog of a Dutch girl who is traveling the world by bike.* And honestly, I am also obsessed with this desire for freedom. It was clear to me that my experiment will be named “Eleutheromania” and it will therefore be enlightened by the star of freedom.

The idea: By bicycle to Budapest, and by train to Romania.

The Tour: I will drive along one of Europe’s most popular bicycle routes: the “Danube Cycle Path”. 600 km through Germany from the Danube’s source in Donaueschingen via Ulm, Ingolstadt and Regensburg to Passau. From there it’s 335 km in Austria along the already quite broad Danube via Linz to Vienna, then I enter Slovakia (Bratislava) and after about another 300 km I will arrive in Budapest. From there I will take a train to Brasov. Zusammenführung-Donau   The goal: My goal is Sanpetru near Brasov, Romania. From August 8-19, I will attend a silent meditation retreat there. In Romania and Hungary there are held two large Rainbow Gatherings this summer which I plan on visiting as well. However, the most important thing for me is, that I am completely open. That’s how I like it.

I will start the trip this Wednesday, July 16th. I have exactly three weeks to arrive in Budapest. 21 days, 4 countries, 1300 km. Crazy? Interested in following me? Then click right on the button where it says “Folge mir!” (Follow me) and enter your email address.

Alright… be in touch! Wish me luck and I will be happy about every message from you guys.

Love, love, love!



* “Cycling Dutch Girl” (http://cyclingdutchgirl.com/). A second recommendable blog from another cycling girl is “pushbike girl” (http://www.pushbikegirl.com/): she travels from Germany to Australia and takes great pictures on the way.

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